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Performix House Trainer Angelo Grinceri had a very narrow idea of fitness in his youth. For him, aesthetics took center stage. “My background originated from the world of bodybuilding…I force fed myself on a day-to-day basis. I spent two hours in the gym every single day, crushing weights, reading endlessly on how to build bigger muscles.”

But on his way to pursuing the ideal bodybuilding physique, Angelo had a wake-up call that would force him to face the realities of his own physical abilities and open his mind to a broader understanding of fitness. Angelo recognized that bodybuilding had led him to a point where he was 240 pounds of ripped muscle, but would run out of breath walking up the stairs. But it took a very specific moment, trying to help his father move 50-pound bags of mulch, to make him realize just what this meant for his body. “My body didn’t know how to be strong as it moved,” he describes.

Not ready to give up the “jacked” look just then, it took Angelo another six years and an intensive course on physical therapy to realize the importance of movement and how strongly linked it is to one’s well-being and the true, foundational fitness of the body.

How a Marathon Runner and a One-Time Bodybuilder Learned to Expand Their Definition of ‘Fit’
Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine

Angelo’s personal training style now blends elements of functional fitness with the principles of physical therapy he has learned. “Functional fitness is blowing up right now and there seems to be two different worlds: some of the focus is on functional powerlifting, others just focus on bodyweight movement and dynamic movements. Then there’s also physical therapy. I’m trying to blend all three of those into one practice where you’re still moving weight, you’re still moving into different ranges of motion, you’re learning how to control your body, but then you’re also predisposing the body for success, which is what physical therapy is based around.” For Angelo, this approach makes him fit in a more complete and wholistic sense. “Finding the balance between those three entities, I think, is the sweet spot of increasing performance, increasing your athletics, and improving your aesthetics.”


In order to feel connected to his body and its movements, it’s important to Angelo that he feels energized, but focused and calm during his workouts. While other traditional pre-workout supplements make him feel jittery, SST helps Angelo feel centered. “I’ve noticed that SST actually helps me focus in on myself and then I start to add in these focus-based exercises, where I start moving around and I start to bring awareness to my body and now I’m focusing on me again, my body in present time. I think it’s really important to be really present in a workout because that’s how you get real results.”

SST helps Angelo tap into his mind-body connection and feel energized throughout his workout, but the effects reach even further. He attributes SST to having a “domino effect”—allowing him to have a stellar workout, which leaves him feeling confident and connected with himself, which in turn helps him tackle the rest of the day, pushing him over both physical and mental hurdles.

Performix SST: GNC’s #1 Selling Thermogenic Supplement
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PERFORMIX® SST utilizes a blend of ingredients to achieve the synergistic effects of increased energy, accelerated metabolism, and enhanced focus that drive results for Angelo. To increase energy and focus, SST uses a combination of caffeine, TeaCrine®, and Sensoril® ashwagandha. Similar to caffeine, TeaCrine® delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. Unlike caffeine, TeaCrine® does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant, meaning it doesn’t lead to a crash when it wears off and helps smooth out the overall energy benefit of SST.

SST also contains Capsimax®– a naturally derived, highly active concentrate of natural capsaicin. According to Dr. Richard Bloomer, the Dean of the University of Memphis’ School of Health studies, “Capsaicinoids can minimize appetite, they can stimulate an increase in energy expenditure, and they can also increase the mobilization of fat to be used as a potential fuel source.” In SST, Capsimax® increases resting energy expenditure by about 100 calories a day*, allowing it to both increase energy and accelerate metabolism, helping Angelo to maintain a much more functional “jacked” look.

SST delivers this unique blend of ingredients via PERFORMIX®’s Timed-Release TERRA Intelligent Dosing™, extending the key benefits over time. TERRA ensures you are receiving the benefits you need when you need them most, helping personal trainers like Angelo power through his workout and workday – even when they are one in the same – without crashing at the end of it.

*In a placebo-controlled, crossover, open-label study, subjects taking 2mg capsaicinoids from Capsimax® daily, on average, burned 116 calories more than placebo due to an increase in resting energy expenditure.

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