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Kris Gethin's 8-Week Hardcore Challenge: Supplements

Take your muscle-building potential to a new level with these Kaged Muscle supps.

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Supplementation should account for at least 5% of your daily progress over the course of this 8-week trainer, which is a very significant contribution. The supplement industry is a minefield for ingredients that lack real research. Unfortunately, many companies’ goal is to line their pockets rather than produce products that actually work to support your transformation. Incidents of underdosed ingredients, bird feathers and human hair to create BCAAs and glutamine, making people more skeptical than ever about the supplements they are taking. This is why I decided I had to launch KAGED MUSCLE®, a brand that I could guarantee with certifications of approval to everybody who follows me. If you desire the highest quality supplements, without compromise, then KAGED MUSCLE is the brand for you. Don’t just take my word for it; check out the thousands of online reviews on our products.

Here are some factual statements on why KAGED MUSCLE is a leader in the supplement industry:

  1. I use patented ingredients so that you have complete peace of mind that the ingredients in your supplement are backed by real science. Before KAGED MUSCLE, I would have to buy these patented ingredients in single batches and mix my own formulas for my own peace of mind.
  2. Our supplements carry the highly coveted MICROPURE guarantee, which states that KAGED MUSCLE products are third-party batch tested before it reaches you. I’ve always operated with complete transparency and insisted when I launched KAGED MUSCLE that I would do the same with supplements.
  3. Every KAGED MUSCLE product is BSCG tested to guarantee that there are no banned substances within the formulas. This year a study showed that more than 15% of sports nutrition supplements on the market contain banned substances—substances that can not only be extremely harmful to your health, but also undermine your endeavors as a drug-free athlete like myself.
  4. Our BCAAs and Glutamine are fermented from vegetable sources rather than human hair or animal by-products such as duck feathers, which are the raw materials used by many supplement manufacturers.
  5. KAGED MUSCLE only uses natural flavoring and coloring systems in our products. I want you to consume only the purest ingredients, which is why I’ve insisted on doing this. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with one of the world’s leading supplement formulators!
  6. KAGED MUSCLE supplements are even PROP65 Act compliant, which means they don’t contain heavy metal contaminates that are extremely harmful to the body, being linked to things such as cancer.

The cost to produce our supplements in comparison to other brands is significant. In fact, I was told I would never achieve success with the KAGED MUSCLE brand because we operate on razor sharp margins due to our ingredients being so costly. However, I believed that there would be enough honest people out there who wanted the very best supplements and complete transparency, which is why I persisted against the grain. I’m happy to say KAGED MUSCLE is the fastest growing supplement company in the world now, and customer retention is high because once people switch they never leave. You will see for yourself just how good every KAGED MUSCLE product is during this transformation.

On the following pages you will find your supplement stack for the next 8 weeks. Please read carefully as each part has a very important role to play in your transformation.

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