Talk about having some old man strength.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison might be 38 years old, but he remains one of the hardest-hitting players in the NFL—and one of the strongest.

Harrison has never met a lift he couldn’t conquer, a machine he couldn’t dominate, or a workout he couldn’t crush. The dude is shredded and he’s showing no signs of slowing down, even though he’s nearly 40. We’ve shown you Harrison crushing a 425-pound lift and a crazy “super band” bench press, but that’s only a small sample of what the linebacker can do in the gym.

Those lifts and workouts helped Harrison win two Super Bowl titles, an NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, and earn two All-Pro team selections during his career—plus, he pulled off one of the most legendary plays in NFL playoff history when he returned a Kurt Warner interception 100-yards for a touchdown:

Here are 30 of his best workout moments:

30. Harrison gets a shoulder workout in with another one of his “super band” lifts:


29. With his Steelers teammates watching, Harrison gets in a workout with 550 lbs on the machine:


28. Harrison gets in a major board bench press:


27. Harrison blasts his shoulders with some 100-lb dumbbells:


26. Harrison shows off how shredded he is with these cable bicep curls:


25. Yeah, that’s Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin spotting Harrison on this bench press:


24. Harrison straps on some plates and gets some dips in:


23. The linebacker works on his core with some modified Russian twists:


22. Harrison blasts his delts and traps with this dumbbell workout:


21. Harrison does some shoveling work with a massive plate on the bar:


20. Harrison grabs four 45-lb plates and gets to work on some dips:


19. It’s not always about crushing big weight for Harrison—the linebacker works on his core with spider planks:


18. Man, Harrison’s back is just shredded—and look at those biceps:


17. Harrison picks up some massive 130-lb dumbbells for an overhead press and straps on a band for extra resistance:


16. Harrison gets in some one-handed pullups:


15. Harrison gets things going with a back squat stepup:


14. Harrison blasts his core with an ab wheel rollout:


13. Harrison doesn’t mess around on leg day—the linebacker loads up some massive weight with 1,120 lbs on the leg press:


12. Harrison grabs the kettlebell and gets in a Waiter’s Press:


11. Harrison shows off his shredded back as he does some side-to-side pullups at his locker:


10. Harrison doesn’t play around when working his triceps with cable skullcrushers—the linebacker pegs things at 250 lbs:


9. Harrison crushes massive back squats with the safety bars:


8. Harrison gets in some core work with situps using a band:


7. It’s trap bar deadlift time for the Steelers linebacker:


6. Harrison gets in some tricep extensions and pulls some inclined rows:


5. Harrison does some split leg back squats:


4. Harrison blasts his shoulders with this strongman-style log press:


3. Harrison doesn’t mess around when he does back squats:


2. Harrison only uses massive dumbbells when does incline presses:


1. Harrison loads up massive weight with another neutral-grip board press: