How do you make a sequel better than the original film? When it comes to The Hangover Part II, you max out the potential for debauchery by moving the story from Vegas to Bangkok. And, of course, add serious heat to the cast in the form of Jamie Chung. The former reality TV star (Real World: San Diego) and current Hollywood starlet in the making reveals what turns her on and off and what makes her “go hard.” Get us up to speed with The Hangover Part II. Stu (Ed Helms) is no longer hitched and has a hot new fiancée—you. He’s a ladies’ man—he jumps around. They’ll be addressing the change in the story line, which is why the movie takes place in Thailand. It sets up the story for me to make an entrance—makin’ it a little crazier than Vegas. What’s crazier than Vegas? Bangkok, Thailand. What was it like working with such a hilarious cast? On set with these guys was so intimidating, I was literally about to lose it. I was so nervous, but they never came off as anything but nice. I aspire to be what they already are—versatile, comedic actors. How was Thailand? We were filming at a resort, so we were able to run on the beach, snorkel, swim—basically use the natural elements to stay in shape—instead of suffocating at a gym. How do you maintain a bangin’ body while balancing an insane schedule? Anything is possible if you have the energy to do it. Coffee definitely helps. [Laughs.] Eating healthy and squeezing in as much exercise as possible keeps your energy up for all these long photo shoots and traveling. If I’m crunched for time, I do short, quick bursts of high-intensity cardio. When I do have the time, I love my cycling class. It pushes me physically, especially when you’re in a room with a group of people who are going hard. It makes you wanna go hard. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure? Sweet potato fries with ketchup and Tabasco sauce. How about a favorite celebrity crush? Johnny Depp. What traits do you find sexiest in a guy you’re dating? I like someone who doesn’t take himself—or life—too seriously. Any instant turnoffs for you? Hollywood sleaze! I throw up in my mouth a little bit when people try to impress me at parties and namedrop. It’s so disturbing. Instant turn-on? Comedians! They’re total ladies’ men—like Stu [co-star Ed Helms] in The Hangover! On-screen and off, Ed is very sexy—he’s hilarious and charming. His lady is very lucky. You’ve studied martial arts in the past. What makes it an ideal workout? Taekwondo is a great alternative to regular training. It’s an excellent stress reliever and aids in bringing balance to your life. But it requires full dedication—complete physical and mental commitment. Three words that describe you are… Committed. Random. And unpredictable!