10 Moves She Wants You to Make During Foreplay

We spoke to real women about what gets them going, and learned that foreplay is not just a game of “grab ‘n go.” She’s dying for you to try one of these pre-sex moves on her.

10 Moves She Wants You to Make During Foreplay

9. Enjoy My Get-Up

If I’m wearing something lacy, it’s for you. And if you don’t notice it, I wasted completely good underwear and a day in an uncomfortable bra for no reason. Don’t be in such a rush that you missed how hot I look in my lingerie. Take a second to take it all in, you might not get to see it ever again. – Kristin, 30

10. Nibble a Little

The key word here is nibble. Do not by any means treat my skin like beef jerky. But a soft, light bite on my ear, nipple, lip, or neck is so hot. However, this does not apply to my downstairs area. –Angie, 27

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