There’s nothing like pleasing your gal to make you feel more like a man. And we don’t mean by taking out the garbage without her asking. We mean between the sheets.

Or in the backseat. Or in her parents’ den after taking her out to dinner. And the more you can leave her tingling, groaning, and screaming your name, the happier-and more satisfied-you’ll be when she returns the favor. That’s why we’ve brought you our roundup of the top 10 female climaxes you’ve got to give her, plus a few essential tricks to help you serve ’em up hot.

The Gasper
MF TECHNIQUE: Go public. No one has to know she’s not wearing panties under that miniskirt. Get ready to be spontaneous, depending on the empty elevator, conference room, or parking garage you may come across.
BEST WHEN: You get off on the possibility of being caught or enjoy the idea that others could be watching.
WARNING: You actually might get caught in action-and then you won’t have the chance to finish her off.

The Screamer
MF TECHNIQUE: With your fingers, start light and high (slightly above her clit) and slowly work your way down. When she leans into you, that’s a sign you’ve hit the right spot. (If she recoils, ask her to guide your hand.)
BEST WHEN: You want to hear her moan your name out loud. (If she’s naturally quiet, you may need to use some dirty talk to get her started.)
WARNING: Turn on some loud music. Otherwise, you just might wake the kids or neighbors-across the street.

The Shrieker
MF TECHNIQUE: Drop by an adult shop and pick up any toy with a remote. Today’s distance-controlled vibrators are more effective and powerful than ever. Then, use it on her from across the room at a club or even from across the country (over the Internet). Because she never knows when hot sensations may strike, your efforts are sure to leave her gasping.
BEST WHEN: You’re feeling adventurous and want a little jolt in your sex life.
WARNING: Keep the remote to yourself. This is one toy she may not approve of you sharing with others. Especially your friends.

The Monologue
MF TECHNIQUE: She gets off while you watch. You have nothing to do with it other than witnessing. To get your own personal peep show, start by asking her to touch herself while she’s next to you and let her know how hot she’s making you.
BEST WHEN: You want to sit back and do your own thing-it’s like live porn in your living room.
WARNING: Keep the lights low and ease into the conversation. Not every woman feels comfortable enough to put on a show – so remember, there’s a chance she may not be into it.

The Squealer
MF TECHNIQUE: Invite a friend along. Whether it’s just her kissing a girlfriend as a tease to fluff you up or a mutual friend who loves to watch, adding a “third” will heat things up, leaving her giddy and squealing with anticipation. Hint: See if she’s game first. Then, ask her to make the suggestions for prospective candidates.
BEST WHEN: You’re with a group and everybody’s loosened up with booze.
WARNING: Don’t let things between the three of you progress too far, or there’s a chance the third may try to take your place in the relationship.

The Toe Curler
MF TECHNIQUE: Grab a massager and use it to knead each butt cheek and thigh-then gently move to the middle. The vibrating sensation will heighten sensitivity throughout her legs, from her hips to her toes – and everywhere in between.
BEST WHEN: You’re feeling lazy.
WARNING: Keep the vibrator on the lowest setting and only use it occasionally. Too much power could desensitize her or cause her to leave you for a six-pack of double A’s instead.

The Moaner
MF TECHNIQUE: Use your tongue. You don’t have to be Gene Simmons- it’s all about the speed and duration of your lapping. Forget the alphabet trick-find a rhythm she likes and stick to it.
BEST WHEN: You have plenty of uninterrupted time to spare.
WARNING: Make every motion count. If your skills are weak, she may decide she doesn’t want you going south again.

The Howler
MF TECHNIQUE: Take it to the water-hot tub, pool, bathtub, or shower. This works best as foreplay: Get her steamed up and then head to a patio chair or the bedroom to finish her off.
BEST WHEN: You want to get riled up by seeing her shiny and soaking wet.
WARNING: If you’re in the hot tub or pool, don’t try a trip down under unless she’s sitting on the edge, out of the water.

The Oh-My-Godder
MF TECHNIQUE: Bring her to the edge using whatever means necessary, then nail her with the kind of hard, fast sex she’ll be begging for. Go deep and let her grind against you, and she’ll be over the edge in no time.
BEST WHEN: She hasn’t had the big O in a few days.
WARNING: Unless you’re a painter, you may need to hire someone to touch up the nail furrows in the drywall.

The Lip Biter
MF TECHNIQUE: Even through fabric, what you once unromantically called “dry humping” still works. If you’re out somewhere, pull her into a secluded area and grind up against her (or do it subtly while you’re standing behind her in line for a table), or get her to uncross her legs so you can slip your hand under the table or into the passenger seat.
BEST WHEN: You can’t wait to get home.
WARNING: Watch out in family restaurants – or while driving. Otherwise, your adventure could lead to flashing sirens, tickets, and mug shots.