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Show Off Muscles: Neck, Forearms, and Calves

Build the strength and show muscles that motivate.

Show Off Muscles: Neck, Forearms, and Calves

Calf Exercises

For both aesthetics and performance, there are two calf conditions you want to avoid like the plague: nankles and cankles. With nankles, you’ve got nothing. Your ankles and calves are simply one big bone attachment with no muscle anywhere. Cankles are even worse. This means your lower leg is just a giant, undefined tube of uniform circumference from your knees to your ankles. There’s no separation, and the only immediate solution is to throw on a baggy pair of pants. Quickly.

Take a look at the calves of any professional athlete—especially those of football players, sprinters, and boxers. Their calves ooze potential energy, literally blooming from the popliteal fossa (the back of the knee) down with every step, even when they’re just walking casually. This is what you want: for your calves to announce your athleticism. At any given moment they’ll say, you can run fast, jump high, and calf press tractor trailers.

calves exercise

Back Squat

With a barbell across your shoulders, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your upper body tight, your lower back rigid, and your head up, start your descent by pushing your hips back and downward. To fully engage your calves, perform a full Olympic squat— going well past parallel.

Walking Tiptoe Lunge

Holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides, take a long step forward, landing on the ball of your foot and keeping your heel up. Bend your front knee and descend until your back knee touches the ground, then push back up and repeat with your other leg.

Straight-Leg Jump Rope

Jump rope, but restrict the bend in your knees and bounce off the balls of your feet, using just your ankles and calves to move your body up and down.

Calf Workout

Perform on leg day.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Back Squat 5 8 120-seconds
Walking Tiptoe Lunge 3 8 (each) 90-seconds
Standing Calf Raise 3 15 60-seconds
Straight-leg Jump Rope 5 60 60-seconds


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