No one at a movie theater ever comes up and says, “Hey, how much do you calf raise?” Even a discussion of great bodybuilders rarely takes a turn toward calf development.

Truth is, calves are often among the the forgotten body parts, especially among casual gym-goers. If you want to prance around in baggy holdover sweats from the 1990s, carry on, but if you ever plan to wear shorts or get on any bodybuilding stage, you’ll be a lot more successful with well-developed calves.

Assuming your training volume and intensity are sufficient and your nutrition is on point, it’s going to come down to exercise selection. Let’s take a look at six easy moves to help you bust out some bigger calves.

Seated Calf Raise

Level Up Your Calves

Hammer your calves with heavy-ass weight to grow this stubborn body part.

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