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Hit the Treadmill and Pump Iron With this Speedy Circuit Workout

Try this HIIT workout courtesy of an interval coach.

Woman running on treadmill
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Go from the treadmill to pumping iron; the timing on the treadmill portion matches the strength segment. Do 3 rounds (Tread 1, Floor 1, etc.), each with a new format.

Round 1: Decreasing Recovery

30-sec. sprint/1-min. recovery
30-sec. sprint/45-sec. recovery
30-sec. sprint/30-sec. recovery
30-sec. sprint/15-sec. recovery
30-sec. sprint

“Work” is a biceps curl to a thruster. “Recovery” is a plank.
30-sec. curl + thruster/1-min. plank
30-sec. curl + thruster/45-sec. plank
30-sec. curl + thruster/30-sec. plank
30-sec. curl + thruster/15-sec. plank
30-sec. curl + thruster

Round 2: Working Through Deficit

40-sec. sprint/20-sec. recovery (x5)

40-sec. bench press
20-sec. deadlift (x5)
(Try to roll right up from the bench press, positioning feet at the end of the bench so that you can minimize wasted time and immediately begin the deadlift.)

Round 3: Increasing/Decreasing Resistance

30-sec. sprint/30-sec. recovery (x5)
(At a 1.0 incline, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0)

30-sec. bentover row
30-sec. step-back lunge
(Start with heaviest set of dumbbells and with each set (1 min.), drop down to the next set of DBs.)

Workout courtesy Lucy Stuber, interval coach, Studio Three

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