Workout Tips

Conquer Myths About Skinny Legs

These three skinny leg myths are holding you back from getting tree trunk legs. Crush them now.

Leg Extension

When you look around many meathead gyms, you’re bound to see at least one guy who’s got a well-developed upper body, and then a pair of chicken legs that just won’t cut it. Nine times out of 10, the same guy is also prepared to recant a list of excuses as to why he’s sporting the toothpicks he has for legs. Here are my favorites:

  • ”I train legs often–I work them hard and they just won’t grow!”
  • “I have bad knees so I can’t do a lot of leg exercises.”
  • “It’s a genetic thing. My dad and all 42 of my brothers have skinny legs.”

The funny part is, no one just says that they’ve got skinny legs and know it’s because the training is not on point. 

If you’re still reading, you’re one of those 10 percent who are honest with themselves and looking to make a bad situation much, much better. Take these points of wisdom home and you’ll realize that you’re not stuck with chicken legs if you just do the right thing about it.

You Train Legs “Often” – Do you REALLY?

I always find it funny when people make this claim and then you realize that two thirds of their weekly “leg training” comes in the form of house league soccer games and their morning walk to work. For some reason, somebody out there created the myth that the muscles of the lower body should be trained once weekly. Unfortunately, the masses have followed suit. The truth is, this can set up someone who has a hard time seeing lower body development for a leg-building rut. In the athletic world, if you look at the training programs of athletes with the most impressive leg development (think of sprinters, cyclists, Olympic lifters), you’ll see that lower body training enters their regimes multiple times per week. For example, simply adopting the old school “Bulgarian method” of low-rep squatting every workout can create a cumulative volume that not only increases your strength, but helps you slap on size too due to the hormones you release to do it. 

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