Plenty of content and advice in the fitness world — especially the online fitness world — caters to people who are working out while healthy and able-bodied. It’s always a rare gem to find an article that deals with training around injuries. But there’s another caveat.

“Training around injuries” typically refers to aches and pains — stuff that will put a lifter out for a couple of weeks, and be a figment of one’s imagination beyond that.

That’s not the reality for some lifters trying to work out, and they deserve attention, too. Some people who have permanent injuries or handicaps are left hanging out to dry. Whether you’re permanently disabled, or dealing with a long-term injury that won’t be “resolved” in a few weeks, it’s time to have some options.

And as a coach who personally ruptured both patellar tendons and had to use a wheelchair for one summer, I’ve definitely gotten my own small window into this life.

Let’s take things joint by joint. And remember, no matter your situation, always check with your doctor or trainer before trying new lifts in the gym.

8 Common Workout Injuries and How to Heal Them

8 Common Workout Injuries and How to Heal Them

Your guide to dealing with common injuries so you can get back to the gym ASAP.

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