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How to: The Power Clean

Think the power clean is just for athletes? Think again. Build this exercise into your routine to start building pounds of new muscle and the strength to go with it.

Power Clean

The power clean is one of the most feared and underused methods of gaining strength and mass in the gym. That's because it's very nature - fast and furious - tend to make for an energy-sapping, if not humbling, day at the gym.

Strength and speed are the foundation of power development, but acceleration is one of the most important aspects in all of sport. The ability to get an object or your body moving depends on the rate at which force is applied. That is, the faster you apply a force to an object, the faster it accelerates. Training for explosive power using weights helps improve rapid force development, which has great implications for performance carryover to most sports.

For bodybuilders and strength athletes the power clean will help increase overall poundage on most lifts by training the neurological system to recruit fibers more rapidly. But rather than look at this exercise as a strength or mass builder, it should be considered an explosive hip power movement.