Medicine ball

Give this short intense series of moves all you’ve got and you’ll quickly feel the burn. All you’ll need is a medicine ball and the motor to get to the finish line. Be sure to use a weight that will challenge you throughout the workout so you’ve got nothing left when it’s all over. If you’re looking to build power endurance and enhance your metabolic conditioning, you’ll get it here.

Follow the rep and round counts below for your selected fitness level. Those at the advanced level should focus on speed – performing all exercises as fast as possible for maximum results.  


Reps: 10 per move                                            
Rounds: 3
Rest: 1 minute between rounds


Reps: 15 per move                                          
Rounds: 4


Rest: 1 minute between rounds


Reps: 20 per move     
Rounds: 5
Rest: 1 minute between rounds

Medicine ball 1

The Exercises

Start from a solid stance with knees slighly bent and feet positioned shoulder width apart. Keep torso erect and shoulders back when performing squat and lunge movements. 

1. Squat and Push

  • With the medicine ball in front of your chest squat straight down, not allowing knees to extend beyond toe line
  • At lowest part of movement push the medicine ball straight out away from body 
  • Pull medicine ball back towards chest and stand back up to start position

2. Lunge and Twist 

  • Stand squarely and hold medicine ball out in front with elbows bent at about 90 degrees
  • Lunge forward with one leg keeping a tight core
  • Twist torso to the same side as extended leg 
  • Step back to square stance and repeat using other foot

3. Jump Split Lunge

  • Start in lunge position with back leg knee almost touching floor 
  • Hold medicine ball out in front with elbows bent at about 90 degrees
  • Jump upward switching feet, landing in the same position with back knee almost making contact with floor 
  • Maintain strong core and posture, keeping shoulders back throughout movement
  • Keep jumping while alternating leg position

4. Jump Shots  

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart
  • Squat down with medicine ball, keeping torso straight 
  • Tap medicine ball to the floor 
  • Come back up from squat position and pull medicine ball straight up and into chest
  • Jump straight up pushing medicine ball up overhead 
  • Pull back into chest and repeat