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M&F/Q&A – Week #5

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What's the best way to hit my lower chest? I do decline flyes and presses, but can’t seem to feel it like I do the rest of my chest routine. —Steven Wales

While decline flyes and presses are great exercises, and work well for many people, weighted dips are my favorite lower chest builder.

Dips offer not only benefits for building a thick lower chest, but they also pump your triceps and front delts to the max, leaving your whole upper-body feeling huge!

To put some specialization into your lower-chest, put weighted dips first in your workout, and finish with some bodyweight dips to failure. Check out the routine below.

Exercise                                   Sets   Reps
Weighted Dips                              4        8
Incline Barbell Press                   3      6-10
1-Arm Flat Bench DB Press        3       10
Bodyweight Dips                         To Failure