Lose Fat

Hidden Physique-Killing Foods - Part 3

Not every so-called bodybuilder-friendly food is all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s how to make the right choices with 3 staple foods.


Fast Food Salads

Physique Builders: The best ones are adorned with protein-dense grilled chicken, salmon, beans and hard-boiled eggs. The veggies harbor antioxidants and plenty of fiber, which tempers blood sugar fluctuations.

Physique Killers: Bread that chicken and fry it, and then pile on croutons, cheese, bacon and creamy dressings (like many restaurants routinely do) and the calories and fat can add up faster than snowflakes during a blizzard.

Wise Play: Before you hit the drive-thru, check the nutrition information on the establishment’s website for the salads that have the best protein-to-fat ratio. Opt for lower fat dressing and gravitate towards healthier toppings such as fruit and nuts. Remember: Tomatoes fight disease. Croutons? Not so much.

May we suggest: McDonalds Premium Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken w/ Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette (www.mcdonalds.com); salad: 300 calories, 32 g protein, 23g carbohydrate, 10g fat (1g saturated); dressing: 40 calories, 0g protein, 4g carbohydrate, 3g fat (0g saturated)