M&F: Have you ever made history?

AD: I was able to represent Puerto Rico in the national team of in-line speed skating in Colombia. I was almost 15, wearing a uniform, representing my country. That’s a moment that really made me proud. And I was the first Latina to get a cover of M&F Hers, so it just made it superspecial for me. I didn’t have anybody to give me a chance. I had to look for the chance and then go get it myself. That’s when doors open.

What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome?

I passed through a moment when I was depressed—had all those setbacks and losses and funeral after funeral. You kind of lose yourself. That’s when the fitness started again—I brought it back into my life. I started training again, and then I decided to do my first show. I wanted to be the best I could be. I wanted to prove myself wrong.

What inspires you?

My favorite movie is Cool Runnings. Every time I see that it gives me chills. Ever since I was a child, one of my dreams was either to become an Olympic athlete or to do ballet, acting, stuff like that—performing, things I can do with my body. It’s been in my veins. I like things that make you feel
happy. We have so much bad stuff happening around us. We need goals. We need things that bring people up, not bring them down.

What’s it like sleeping with you?

I’m not a sleepwalker. I don’t stand up at night and start walking around the house or anything like that, but I do work out while I sleep at night. Let’s say if I’m really stressed out or I’m having a hard training week, you might catch me moving my feet as if I’m running. One time my husband caught me doing karate punches in the air while I was asleep. Another thing I’ve done ever since I was a child, if I’m sleeping with my face down, I curl my legs as if I’m doing leg curls.

Iron Maiden: Ana Delia

What’s your most embarrassing experience ever?

Once I had a really bad accident with speed skating. One of the guys in front of me fell, and it’s like a chain reaction. I just flew over the whole line of people, right onto my face. My two front teeth broke. I was dating my husband and was in the middle of my dentist appointments— getting my new porcelain teeth—so I had temporary ones. I was working in a store, and he came to have lunch with me, and as I’m biting my sandwich, I lifted my mouth away, and the two teeth were stuck in the sandwich!

What are you afraid of?

I guess you can say I live in constant fear, but that’s the thing—I always try to push those limits. You gotta keep breaking those barriers and pushing
through. And fear sometimes helps you to be sharp. I’m afraid of a lot of things; I’m a scaredy-cat. You put a cockroach or a spider next to me, and, man, you’re gonna see me running away really fast!

You can post only one more Instagram pic. What is it?

I would post a portrait of myself happy or a picture of me with my family. Everything I do, I do it thinking about the people who love me. It’s not about having millions of followers.

The Stats

HEIGHT: 5’4″
AGE: 36
RESIDENCE: Puerto Rico
WEIGHT: 122 lbs

Connect with Ana Delia

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