Muscle & Fitness executive editor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly set to executive produce and possibly play a recurring role in a series set in a gym in Venice Beach, California, in the 1970s. The Washington Post reports that “The Oak” is set to be part of the series, called Pump, and that Showtime has acquired the rights to the show.

The show is set in Venice Beach in the 70s, where bodybuilders who worked out there inspired the bodybuilding and fitness industry that exists today. The drama centers around a fictional gym, called Pump, which is the epicenter for this fitness revolution.

The show was written by Michael Konyves, and he will executive produce it alongside Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum (of Two and a Half Men fame).  Eric Tannenbaum told the Hollywood Reporter that the only way to really depict the tale was to have one particular person in the mix.

“We loved it, but I said the only way you can really tell this story is if we can get Arnold involved,” he said. “The birth of the fitness/bodybuilding revolution can literally be traced back to the days when Arnold arrived in the U.S.”

What do you guys think of Arnold coming full circle, from a bodybuilding icon to movie star and then back to an executive producer and actor playing a role in a series about the birth and explosion of bodybuilding in the USA? Kinda mind blowing, when you think about it!