You know that guy who’s always exaggerating his squat numbers? John Cena is not that guy.

The wrestling superstar tweeted a video yesterday of a pause squat. He had a little less than 400 pounds on the bar, but made this pause squat look easy — no spotter needed.

We’ve come to expect these sorts of feats from Cena, who easily banged out a set of 5 deep squats with no pause at 495 pounds for our April 2014 cover shoot. So when exaggerated claims surfaced about the WWE star’s bar weight, they gained traction. Cena put a quick end to the 600-pound elephant in the room — giving us yet another reason to give him some much-deserved respect.


What’s a couple hundred pounds between friends? We’re not sweating the weight, the point is clear — work toward your goals and be proud of your accomplishments. Here’s the original video.

The speed of life gives us chances to make excuses,” Cena said in his earlier tweet. “Define goals, take a pause, and realize you can move mountains.” 

That’s some solid advice for anyone trying to crush their workout goals. Here’s hoping he keeps the inspiration coming!