John Cena: Power + Technique = Unstoppable

The WWE star offers a tip to live by when lifting!

John Cena: Power + Technique = Unstoppable

John Cena has been working hard in the gym. He was clanging and banging on Saturday and took to Vine to give fans a tip we can all learn from, saying: "Power is important but power + technique is #unstoppable. Work on weakness and build a better you #nevergiveup #dothework"


Cena is a frequent user of Vine, and we cobbled together a little collection of him getting it done in the gym. Off the Vine below, he says: "Anyone who says they're working their ass off, isn't doing squat! #dothework #earnit #nevergiveup"

Cena: "Big results require big ambitions. #DoTheWork #NeverGiveUp"

Cena: "We start 2015 the same way we ended 2014. #DoTheWork #NeverGiveUp #HappyNewYear"

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