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Rapper Flo Rida Pumps Up The Power For Every Performance

Miami-bred entertainer Flo Rida has ascended to platinum status – but he’s never forgotten his training roots.


Flo Rida walks through an airport somewhere—New York or Paris or anywhere else he’s in demand for live shows or in?store album promotions. Maybe yesterday or today or a week ago. Someone catches his eye at the magazine rack, so he stops. It’s him—looking out from the cover of this magazine.

He used to read the muscle magazines growing up. Other than Arnold, he recalls being inspired by Lou Ferrigno, who also started out in the gym and ended up on TV screens everywhere, a million miles from the Miami projects Tramar Dillard hoped to one day represent in his music. Not too long ago, yet another famous veteran M&F cover model caught his eye, an experience that hit closer to home given their shared profession.

“I was at the airport, going to Miami,” Flo Rida says. “I picked up the Muscle & Fitness with 50 Cent on it [February 2010 issue], and I said, ‘Man, I need to get in this magazine, like for real.’ And then all of a sudden I got the call.”