Braun Strowman isn’t happy. And when Braun Strowman isn’t happy, bad things happen.

You’d think Acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin would know that it’s a very bad idea to anger Strowman at this point, but that didn’t stop him from attacking the “Monster Among Men” before his match against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel. Left at a disadvantage, Strowman lost the title to Lesnar after taking five F-5s from “The Beast.”

On Raw this week, Corbin came to the ring and challenged Kurt Angle to determine who would be the leader of the Raw Survivor Series team. However, Strowman unexpectedly entered the arena and barreled through the security on site.

While Corbin was able to run away, Strowman chased after him, shoving aside the other WWE superstars in his way and causing a full-blown riot. Later in the night, Strowman continued his pursuit of Corbin, knocking out a swarm of WWE security in the process.

Strowman continued to search backstage for Corbin, who was eventually able to escape into a car and leave the arena. Before he left, Corbin told a reporter that Angle’s new opponent to determine the Raw team captain would be Drew McIntyre. While it was well fought, Angle eventually had to submit to McIntyre.