Along with the brutal production schedule that most actors must endure during a shoot, The Rock is continuously finding ways to push the envelope for greater demands, especially on the set of his latest project, Baywatch. Just last week we saw the always-jacked Johnson, battle co-star, Zac Efron in a tire-flipping contest that would make any strongman proud. 

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To kick things up a notch, the action-star recently undertook the task of hauling two massive refrigerators on his back during a brutal obstacle course set up on the beach. In his Instagram post, Johnson credited the Herculean feat to helping him be more physically and mentally prepared for stressful of situations that come with being a lifeguard.

Whatever unorthodox approach Johnson and Efron are taking on the Baywatch set, it’s certainly keeping them fine-tuned for their shirtless roles. The Rock sums it up best with this past post.

“This is my beach bitch kind of RATED R comedy. We’ll start shooting at the top of 2016 and one more thing.. just wait ’til you see who we cast for our girls….” #WhoWantsToBeSaved? #MouthToMouthForEverybody