Nothing helps create that killer V-shaped physique better than a wide, muscular back. As those who’ve built monster-size backs of their own will tell you, it’s all about incorporating the best combination of back exercises to get wide up top.

If you’re looking to build a tapered torso that turns heads, look no further than the most popular back-expanding workout routines ever featured on Muscle & Fitness.

Whether you’re just starting out or have hit a plateau, now’s the perfect time for you to jump-start your upper-body workout program with any of the following back routines. With a healthy dose of back-targeted moves that hit the lats, traps, rear delts, and rhomboids from every angle, you’ll be sporting that Frank Zane-esque V-taper in no time.

Choose the back workout of your choice, and get ready to move some serious iron for a wider, more muscular back.