The Rock Snaps 27-Year-Long Candy Ban

The last time Dwayne Johnson ate candy was in 1989.

Just when we thought we knew everything we needed to know about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he laid another dieting bombshell on us. Some of us weren't even born when he ate his last piece of candy back in 1989. It was a Twizzler.

"I'm just not a big candy guy," Johnson said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. "You know I love cheat meals...Twizzlers was the last thing I had and we were at a movie theater watching a movie."

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Interesting that Johnson would mention the movies. Being the masterful promoter he is, Johnson was on the show to plug Central Intelligence, a spy comedy hitting theaters this weekend. He upped the ante by snapping his two-decade candy ban. His junk food of choice? Pop Rocks, see what he did there? That said, we doubt he'll be veering away from his signature cheat meal dish any time soon. Dwayne Johnson is all about pancakes

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