Canadian fitness influencer Amanda Ruller recently posted a photo of her pounding two beers on Twitter and Instagram, next to a photo of the one and only “Stone Cold” Steve Austin chugging some Steveweisers from his WWE heyday.

She asked her followers who they thought did it better, and wouldn’t you know, “Stone Cold” himself responded with his thoughts and gave Amanda a “hell yeah,” though he did have some advice for her.

Amanda invited him to drink with her in person, which would be the best beer drinking story of all time.


There you have it, folks. Forget frat houses and tailgates, the real place to get professional beer drinking counsel is from “Stone Cold.” Here’s hoping more people take to the Internet to show Steve Austin how they drink two beers at once (even though we’re writing this on a Tuesday morning and chugging beer may be inappropriate. But, it’s five o’clock somewhere).

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In the meantime, here’s what some Twitter users thought of the comparison and who did it better.