Tennis Match Interrupted by Incredibly Loud (She’s-Faking-It) Sex

The best moments of the Sarasota Open had nothing to do with tennis, and even the players acknowledged it.

Tennis is a distinct sport in its individual element, and the audience is intentionally quiet for stretches of time throughout the course of the match. This perfectly timed caveat provided a window for a nearby couple to really let their passion show in front of everyone in attendance at the Sarasota Open. 

The aggressively loud moaning can be heard at the 15-second mark, and then again at the 1:50 mark. 

The audience can’t help but chuckle, but the players had the best response. Mitchell Krueger decided to rocket a ball in the direction of the commotion (:35s), while Frances Tiafoe decided to yell out “It can’t be that good!" (2:00).

Tiafoe would go on to win the match, despite the bizarre situation.

After the match, the disruptive couple received a shoutout from the play-by-play guy.