Over the years there have been some truly epic battles in the world of martial arts, but few can compare to the legendary showdown between two of the greatest martial arts masters of all time. 

Back in the mid-1960s in San Francisco, a young up-and-coming Bruce Lee faced off against kung fu master Wong Jack Man for what would be one of the most controversial fights ever. The soon-to-be released film Birth of the Dragon tells the remarkable story behind the famous clash.

Inspired by true events, Birth of the Dragon recreates the famous fight between Lee and Wong from the point of view of a martial arts student who is torn between the two foes. From the actions that led up to the fight, to the results that ensued, it’s a story that’s sure to appeal to martial arts enthusiasts, and fans of the great Lee.

Philip Ng takes on the role of Lee, and Xia Yu plays rival Man. And from the scenes in this action-packed trailer, it’s clear the two have put in the work to get in fighting shape.

Check out the intense trailer to see the buildup of the imminent fight. We’ve also got the badass movie poster below. 


Birth of the Dragon is set to hit theaters on August 25.