Fourth time was a charm for Juan Manuel Marquez when he finally defeated Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night after connecting with a right hand at the end of the sixth round that separated Pac Man from his senses.

The end came after six frenetic rounds of action between these two great fighters in the fourth fight of their rivalry. While the results of the three previous fights were open to discussion, no debate was needed here. While Marquez celebrated, Pacquiao lay motionless on the canvas before regaining consciousness.  He was taken to the hospital afterwards as a precaution but was later released.

Pacquiao got off to a fast start, winning the first two rounds before Marquez floored him with an overhand right in the third that leveled the fight on the scorecards.  Pacquiao scored his own knockdown in the fifth when a straight left caused Marquez to stumble and touch his glove off the canvas.

Pacquiao started to take over and was hurting Marquez with some powerful shots.  After the fight he admitted to getting over confident and in the sixth round he paid dearly.  At the end of the stanza he feinted with his hands low and walked into a short sharp right hand from Marquez that left him prostrate on the canvas.  

Marquez watched as Pacquiao was counted out before celebrating the best win of his career.  When asked if he would fight Pacquiao again, the Mexican warrior said he would take some time to rest and mull it over.  Though battered and bloody, Pacquiao also seemed open to the possibility of a fifth fight. Promoter Bob Arum was all up for another one. "A fifth fight? Why not? Have you seen a more exciting fight in years?" Indeed.

Here is a clip of Marquez' devastating KO punch

Here is Marquez talking to ESPN post-fight:

Here is Pacquiao talking to ESPN post-fight: