Looking at Luther and Kathy Freeman now, it’s difficult to picture them as anything other than the dynamic husband and wife duo behind the insanely popular 30 Day Transformation Team Program. These days, celebrities like Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union sing praises of their comprehensive training and nutrition plans, but their success hasn’t come without years of hard work and passion.

Luther, who was known as Mr. 30 Day Transformation for nearly a decade before meeting Kathy, grew up in Pensacola, FL, where being subjected to racism made growing up as a Black man difficult. He also watched as his father struggled with episodes of pain due to sickle cell anemia, but took note as he used nutrition and exercise to self-heal and to nearly double his life expectancy.

After watching his dad utilize diet and exercise to improve his own condition, Luther was inspired to study nutrition and health science in college and embark on a career as a trainer. By the time he kicked off his career, he’d already made it a point to learn how he could help people of all shapes and sizes reach their goals.

“I trained a lot of my classmates just for fun and so I could learn [to train] different body types. Then, I started doing it professionally once I turned 20,” he told M&F. He became known for being able to help virtually anyone reach their fitness goals.

Nine years later, once Kathy got involved, the 30 Day Transformation Team was born. And when Kathy made her own physique transformation, people took notice. She changed her approach to training and eating in 2015, and she’s now gone from 118 pounds to 170 pounds at 5-foot-3.

“When I met Luther, I was a little cardio bunny,” Kathy said. “I just loved cardio. I worked out, I did bootcamp classes. It was my thing—I loved it. I felt amazing … but I never experienced seeing my body transform.”

Their big break came when actors, celebrities, and athletes started shouting them out on social media, and now the power couple and business partners have created a veritable empire. They have close to 2 million Instagram followers between them, and the client transformations they share speak for themselves.

Now more than ever with the coronavirus pandemic changing the way most people live their daily lives, many are looking to get fit and make healthy lifestyle changes.

We tapped the dynamic duo for some tips on reaching goals, supporting your partner, some moves you can do together for a killer workout, and of course, how to help your own relationship survive Covid-19 quarantine.