Despite all the grunting and sweating you do at the gym in pursuit of a better physique, sometimes you just wanna plop down on the couch for some mindless humor … even if it’s animated! That’s where Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs come in.

The first 10 M&F readers to write us at will get Vol. 3 of each of the popular cartoon series to beef up their DVD collections.

The Pinky and the Brain set, which features a pair of maladjusted mice – one hell bent on world domination – is a four-disc set containing over 22 episodes. Animaniacs will have you blowing your protein shake out of your nose with its rambunctious hilarity over five discs and 25 episodes. And both sets contain plenty of extras to keep you busy once the fun has ended.

Oh, and did we mention that both series are brought to you by Mr. Steven Spielberg?

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