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The subject of our March cover, Terry Crews, boasts an enviable physique, but as M&F editor-in chief Shawn Perine finds out, his arms are only the second best in his family.

Here is a taste of Shawn’s interview with the former NFLer:

You may not know him by name, but there’s no mistaking what may be the best-developed physique on-screen today. Whether it’s as the dad in Everybody Hates Chris Hale Caesar in The Expendables (and the upcoming The Expendables 2), or the bombastic pitchman in the Old Spice TV commercials, Terry Crews always brings a mighty pair of guns to bear. Yet despite a five-year NFL career, the 6’2″, 235-pound Flint, MI, native’s first inspiration to hit the iron came by way of a beloved family member’s own impressive arms.

Muscle & Fitness: You have the best pair of arms in Hollywood today, but we understand that, surprisingly, you don’t make specialized arm training a part of your workout scheme.

Terry Crews: No, I really don’t. I don’t train like a bodybuilder. My approach is more of an athletic style. As an actor, I don’t want to get too big. I watch my diet and I run a whole lot to keep myself extremely cut, but I have to be careful not to look like a bodybuilder. If I were to really start specializing on my body parts, I would get too big.

M&F: Who inspired you when you were younger?

TC: When I was a kid I had an uncle named Buddy Simpson— we called him Uncle Buddy—and Uncle Buddy had the biggest arms of anybody I ever saw. He worked at the airport lifting stuff all day, and he was old school strong. You know, he grew up on a farm, and he could throw bales of hay like they was nothing. And it was so great, because when I was a kid we’d be like, “Uncle Buddy, make a muscle!” and he would flex his arm, and when I tell you it was the biggest thing you ever saw… I was like 7 or 8, and I would look at him and say to myself, “I’ve got to have arms like that!”

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Here is a compilation of some of Terry’s Old Spice commercials. Enjoy the power!