The Anatomy of a Fart

We've all dealt them and smelled them, but what is the science behind them?

The Anatomy of a Fart


● The average number of times each person rips one daily. Who would’ve thought?

● Women fart as much as men—they’re just not quite as proud of them.


● Temperature of a fart at time of creation

There Are Hundreds of Slang Terms...

● ...for flatulence. Here are 10 of our favorites: ass biscuit, barking spider, bean blower, cheek flapper, crack splitter, death breeze, fog slicer, mud duck, spit a brick and strangling the stank monkey.

Cropdusting (from Urban Dictionary)

● The act of ripping a potent air bomb indoors, then moving briskly to the other end of the room to stay ahead of your own stench, which “dusts” the room with your flatulence in the process.

When in Rome

● Apparently we’re not the only civilization to appreciate the sounds of flatulence. Roman Emperor Elagabulus was known to punk his royal guests at dinner parties with a primitive version of the whoopee cushion. The modern version was re-invented in 1930 by employees of the JEM Rubber Co. who were experimenting with scrap sheets of rubber.


● The number of people to break the world record for sitting on whoopee cushions simultaneously (at a hockey game in Moline, Illinois)

Methane Myth

● Fart noise is generated by the flapping of butt cheeks, not by the fart itself.