M&F Facebook Survey Results: "I Work Out Because...."

We asked what keeps you in the gym, and you answered. Here are our top 20 favorite responses.

M&F Facebook Survey Results: "I Work Out Because...."

We recently asked our facebook fans to give us their top reasons for working out. Needless to say the response was overwhelming. Some were serious, some inspiring, and a few were pretty damn funny. And while we can't list them all, we decided to pick some of our favorites and share them with the rest of M&F nation.

So here are our top 20 selections. Let us know what you think and add your own top reasons for working out below. We'd love to hear them. 

20. Alfonso Vega: To be healthy and live a long time, so I can be there for my children.

19. Alex Nan: It makes me feel alive!

18. Garry Spee: It's become who I am, and it's now a part of me.

17. Martin Smith: I wanna make my ex jealous.

16. Kiax Coku: Good workout in the gym = happy life.

15. TheAthleticBuild.com: I like to challenge myself physically and mentally.

14. Karen Weinstock: It's a fun, healthy hobby that keeps this homeschool mom sane.

13. Daniel Valerio: I want to battle the Hulk someday.

12. Josh Whittington: Because I want to be able to keep up with my kids as they grow.

11. David Serrano Jr.: It's rewarding to see your body transform into something beautiful! its an art! And I am Picasso.

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