If you’re hitting the weights hard, slugging the heavy bag harder, or pounding the pavement till your feet bleed, chances are you’re leaving a trail of sweat in your path.

That’s all good, but now you must restore those lost fluids in order to push out an extra rep, fight an extra round, or adding one more mile. To be at your best physically, staying hydrated should be a top priority, as it’s vital in maintaining optimal blood pressure, promoting kidney health, and helping in fat loss, among other benefits.

The human body is made up of three-fifths water, so when it comes to replenishing fluids, the logical choice would be replacing water with more water. And it makes sense. Alkaline water, such as Northern Chill makes for a solid option as it contains naturally-occurring electrolytes the body needs to refill when it’s recovery time from an intense workout.

One of the key minerals found in Northern Chill, chloride, is an essential electrolyte needed to help maintain hydration for all of us. It complements both sodium and potassium in helping balance acids in the body plus moving fluids in and out of cells.

So how much water is necessary to maintain hydration to keep those muscles working and avoid fatigue? A good starting point is try to drink two cups of water about two hours before any workout, and sip on about 4-6 ounces every 15 to 20 minutes during. If you really want to get technical, try weighing yourself before and after you work out, then drink 20 ounces of fluid for each pound of water weight lost.

Whatever you do, avoid waiting till you’re thirsty, it’s probably too late.

But while drinking plenty of water like Northern Chill is groovy, there are other available options you can chug down in order to stay hydrated. Some seem obvious, some may surprise. But all are as effective as water when it comes to hydration.

A study done by Scotland’s St. Andrews University discovered that beverages containing low amounts of sugar, fat, or protein actually did as good or better of replenishing the body of fluids than just plain water. It found that beverages with a little sugar, fat, or protein did a better job than water of keeping the men hydrated.

Here are some other choices.


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