Backed by big names like Tony Robbins and Serena Williams, Dugal Bain-Kim, co-founder and CEO of Lifeforce, spearheads a movement to make comprehensive, personalized healthcare accessible for all. Lifeforce delves into your health status through biomarker blood testing, scrutinizing over 40 biomarkers to provide a lucid insight into your current health standing.

Bain-Kim was a guest on the M&F Reps podcast hosted by Muscle & Fitness Chief Content Officer Zack Zeigler. Here is the TL;DR:

411 on Lifeforce

Life Force delivers at-home blood tests coupled with personalized plans to nurture health, offering an easy route to experts and tools for a deep understanding of one’s internal body functioning, promoting health optimization and longevity.

At-Home Blood Testing

Life Force presents a comfortable alternative to traditional doctor visits by offering at-home blood tests and personalized plans to enhance health.

Dugal’s Career Journey

Hailing from Australia and now residing in California, Dugal shares his journey into the realm of technology-driven healthcare following personal health challenges post-childbirth.

Birth of Life Force

The lack of a singular solution to understand internal body functioning led Dugal to create Life Force, emphasizing the value of aligning passion with work.

Comprehensive Blood Tests

For an upfront fee of $349 and a monthly charge of $129 thereafter, members receive a thorough blood test, providing a fuller picture of health compared to wearable devices.

Regular Biomarker Testing

Continuous biomarker testing is crucial for tracking progress, finding your optimal health zone, and making necessary medication adjustments, as each individual’s body reacts differently.

Personalized Recommendations

A fully licensed medical group provides an integrated system for easy access to biomarker testing results, with personalized supplement and lifestyle recommendations to fill the current market gap.

Identifying Deficiencies

Blood biomarker testing helped identify a long-unnoticed vitamin D deficiency in Dugal, showcasing its capability to enhance health and reduce frequent doctor visits.

Proactive Health Management

Investing in biomarker testing enables proactive health management for a longer, healthier life. The challenge lies in educating customers to uplift their healthcare expectations.

Notable personalities like Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis are associated with Life Force, reflecting its rising recognition in the health and wellness sector.

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