There's been great anticipation as to who would win the 2013 Chicago Pro. With Bill Wilmore, Essa Obiad, Roelly Winklaar and Lionel Beyeke throwing their hats in the ring, we knew all along it would be a size game. But no matter the size, conditioning trumps all.

Tonight's contest will be won by conditioning.

The first callouts were:

Rolley Winklaar
Essa Obaid
Lionel Beyeke
Bill Willmore
Justin Compton
Lee Banks

Justin Compton looked fantastic. Shredded, conditioned and full, Compton wasted no time to show he's here to make an impact. At 25 years of age, we will see Compton work his way up to accomplish great things. Lee Banks always looks good. However, in order to win a contest, one must look great. Bill Wilmore in my opinion should place 2nd or third but from what I gather looking at the comparisons, he will place 4th. Big, full and conditioned, he presented the look we expected in Toronto when he competed to defend his title.

Essa Obiad also is here to defend his title. Always hard, he seemed to be soft from the rear dropping him out of the winners circle and barely hanging onto third.

Lionel Beyeke is one of those bodybuilders we always say that if he comes n spot on, there's no touching him. Always with a great shape, Beyeke is cursed with the inability to dial it in to it's fullest. However, with what he presented, it looks like Beyeke will place second.

Last, Roelly Winklaar brought it today. Big, full and conditioned, we saw the Roelly we've been begging to see. Changing his game plan from combining in shredded to coming in full, Winklaar accomplished it. In addition, the more he posed, the harder he became alluding to the fact we may see an even better Roelly tonight.

How do you see the final two?

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013