Get even more performance gains from your training sessions

November 17, 2009


With athletic performance increasing, training intensity greater than ever and muscular gains on the rise, athletes from all circles began demanding even more performance gains from their training sessions. To ensure that athletes’ training, performance and bodies continue to evolve, BSN made sure that their pre-training igniter evolved with them. Not only does N.O.-XPLODE™-NT still maximize energy, mental focus, training intensity, strength and pumps, it now provides athletes with the means to offset training fatigue, minimize the catabolic effects of intense training, replace high-energy compounds, super-hydrate muscles and promote the regulation of insulin for greater nutrient uptake and utilization. N.O.-XPLODE™-NT has not only met the changing needs of energy and performance for today’s athletes, it has evolved to a point that will force athletes to adapt their training in order to maximize the results from this revolutionary formula. The time for change has come – once you train with it, you will never evolve without it!