IFBB rookie bests the rest at the 2010 New York Pro

May 8, 2010


In a hotly contested show, IFBB rookie Roelly Winklaar has earned his first victory in just his third pro show at the 2010 IFBB New York Pro here in downtown Manhattan’s Tribeca Performing Arts Center. It was a dramatic win for the Netherlander over a bevy of savvy veterans.

With some of the best arms in recent memory and a dry, tight physique he was a worthy winner. Yet while his win was well deserved it was by no means easy to come by. In fact, after this morning’s prejudging concluded you could have asked four different viewers their top picks and you probably would have gotten four different answers.

One of those whose name was oft mentioned was that of Hidetada Yamagishi. With a markedly improved physique, Japan’s greatest bodybuilder was thicker and harder than we’ve ever seen him, with a great posing routine and tan to boot.

In third was Dennis Wolf, who many had picked to win the contest leading up to it. Down in size and sharpness from his peak of three years ago he was nonetheless better tonight than this morning, thanks to an improved tan.

The biggest crowd reaction of the evening came when Toney Freeman was announced fourth. There wasn’t much to criticize about his physique, and while he may not have been quite his best, he’s still the X-Man, which means he’s a top contender in any show he enters.

While the top four men had separated themselves from the pack during the morning show, there was another who would make it into the winner’s circle, and in doing so earn Olympia qualification. That would be the impressive rookie Erik Fankhouser, who sports otherworldly calves, amazing thighs and on the whole a very pleasing physique.

In the Men’s 202 division Kevin English became champ here for a third consecutive year. Also the two-time and defending 202 Olympia winner, Kevin continues to do a respectable impression of a mini Sergio Oliva, with his amazing shoulder-to-waist ratio and billowing muscle bellies. In an emotion-filled speech following his win he thanked his fiance, Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis (whose gym he helps manage) and his hometown New York supporters.

Jose Raymond, coming in at his all-time best, nabbed the second place spot, doing an impression of his own — of a walking wall. Thick and cut, he’s firmly placed himself as a 202 Olympia frontrunner.

The final 202 O qualifier in the 202 class this evening was New Jersey’s Jason Arntz, who earned pro status back in 1998, showed his usual blend of good conditioning and shape to nail down the third place spot.

In Women’s Bodybuilding Cathy LeFrancois made it three in a row at the NY Pro tonight, edging out second place finisher Sheila Bleck by just a single point. Comebacking Heather Foster, who hasn’t stepped onstage since 2007, took third place, along with the Olympia qualification that Bleck and LeFrancois also earned.

In Bikini the top three finalists were named, with Missy Coles taking home top honors plus qualification at the 2010 Olympia Bikini competition. Second place went to Shelsea Montes with Sherilyn Roy finishing in third.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2010 New York Pro and to Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis, who once again put on a smooth and professional competition.