Arnold Schwarzenegger's Master Plan

Short-term goals lead to long-term success

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Master Plan


Aside from hard work and visualization, what does it take to be successful? —Frankie F., via Facebook


You need to develop a master plan. I didn’t start out in my teens telling myself I was going to star in the Terminator movies. But I did know that I wanted to be a movie star, a businessman, and a political leader. Of course, with my humble background, people thought that was nuts.

So I asked myself, “What’s one thing I can do now that I’m good at that can serve those goals?”—no matter how indirectly. The answer seemed even stranger than my goals: bodybuilding. Still, I reasoned that having muscles would give me confidence, get me noticed, and pave the way for me to come to America where I could make it all come true.

Once I’d made it in bodybuilding, breaking into movies playing heroic roles became easier. I was also right in thinking that after playing a hero on-screen for so long and building a following, I had the power to help people on a grand scale in real life, getting elected as governor.

My plan is still working, so remember this: You don’t have to know exactly how you’ll get what you want in life, but you do need to ask yourself what you can do today that can help you take the next step tomorrow and beyond.


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