The New Guard: Hunter Labrada and Sergio Oliva Jr.

The sons of Lee Labrada and Sergio Oliva follow in their fathers’ footsteps while charting their own bodybuilding glory.


Who do you guys admire in the current bodybuilding scene?

HUNTER: Honestly, Shawn Rhoden is one of my favorite bodybuilders. He’s bringing that modern size to the stage with lines that are pleasing and flow. When he walked out at the 2012 Olympia, me, my dad, and my mom were like “Who is that?”

SERGIO: I actually love the ’90s bodybuilding: Lee Labrada, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler. When Ronnie won the 1998 Olympia, he was in the best shape of his life and probably would have kept winning if he just came in looking like that year after year. Today I don’t think anyone can be into bodybuilding without being a Phil fan. He can hang with the mass monsters and he’s still got that small waist. The guy, I think, who can surprise everyone if and when he puts it all together is Cedric McMillan.

What do you guys consider your best body parts and where do you see the most room for improvement?

HUNTER: My triceps and quads are strengths. I have the most room for improvement from behind: my back and hamstrings. I have strong glutes from all the squatting I’ve done for bodybuilding and football. But the exercises we did for football were for functional strength, so the hams didn’t receive a lot of isolated work.

SERGIO: Quads are my best body part. My back needs work, so I often train it twice a week.

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