Winner's Circle Interview - Big Ramy Wins the 2013 New York Pro

  • Juan Morel Back Workout 2 Weeks from NY Pro Ready to step on stage, Juan is now maintaining. Worn out, tired and depleted, this felt like the longest workout, Juan states. Though he sounds tired, if you watch the video, Morel's intensity is still kick ass.
  • Dennis James Trains Mamdouh Elssbiay 3 Days Before NY Pro Big Ramy Trains at the East Coast Mecca Big Ramy is three days out from the 2013 New York Pro. Severely tired from no carbs over 10 days, Dennis James is pushing the Egyptian in order to be the best competitor on stage this weekend.
  • Interview w/ NY Pro 3rd Place Finisher IFBB Pro Juan Morel IFBB Pro Dennis James interviews Juan Morel after placing third at the 2013 New York Pro up against a very steep line-up. Placing behind Big Ramy and Victor Martinez, Morel is quite proud of his achievement.

In the Men Open Class, many of us held out hope for Victor Martinez as he stepped back on stage after taking some time away from training and also nursed an arm injury. There was also talk of Cedric McMillan rallying for the title the second year in a row after some bad luck down in Brazil earlier this season. Alas, no one saw the Egyptian mass monster coming by way of Kuwait. Who would have thought a man weighing over 288 lbs could step on stage full, conditioned and sporting an 8-pack? Elssbiay aka 'Big Ramy' easily walked away with his first professional win. The icing on the cake was that shortly before Big Ramy's win, his wife had just given birth to a little girl.

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