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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA (September 21, 2012) – The National Physique Committee and Gaspari Nutrition have named Darron Glenn, Tierany Chretien, Francine Sablan, Ashley Kaltwasser, Trent Calavan, Samantha Hill and  Babetter Mulford NPC Athletes of the Month in their respective divisions.

All of the seven athletes competed and earned IFBB pro cards during the month of July, the busiest month of the NPC season for pro qualifying-contests.   All of the athletes will be profiled on the NPC News Online and will receive free product from Gaspari Nutrition.

NPC Chairman Jim Manion selects the Athletes of the Month in each of the organization’s seven divisions – Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Fitness and Men’s and Women’s Physique – based on in-person analysis and on the information provided by contest promoters across the country and featured in the NPC News Online Contest Roundups every Monday.

For complete profiles and galleries of the June NPC Athletes of the month, go to

About the July Athletes of the Month:

– Men’s Bodybuilding: Darron Glenn won the Light Heavyweight and Overall at the USA Championships. Glenn, 32, was the runner-up in the light heavyweight division in 2011.

– Women’s Bodybuilding: Tierany Chretien of Richardson, Texas, won the Light Heavyweight and Overall at the USAs.

– Figure: Francine Sablan, 28, won the Overall at the USAs. Sablan started competing in 2010 and won her class in all but one of her six NPC contests.

– Bikini: Ashley Kaltwasser claimed the Overall at the Team Universe in early July. Kaltwassser, 23, is from Akron, Ohio.

– Men’s Physique: Trent Calavan of Pflugerville, Texas, won his class and the Overall at the USAs.

– Women’s Physique: Former bikini competitor Samantha Hill won the Overall at the USAs. Hill began her career in the bikini division but switched to physique for the 2012 season.

Fitness: Babette Mulford of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, won her class and an IFBB pro card at the Fitness Nationals.