Going Keto Part 5: Seven Keto Restaurant Hacks

Going Keto Part 5: Seven Keto Restaurant Hacks

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If you’re not up to date on ketogenics yet, look back at previous entries for the benefits of going Keto, how to prepare for ketosis, your first week of Keto at home, and how to meal prep, Keto-style (including recipes). This month we’re providing a Keto-lifeline to those who forgot to meal prep for the week (and don’t feel like fasting their way through the work day). You can order a Keto-friendly meal at almost any major chain restaurant, if you know the macros behind their ingredients, so feel free to eat-out and stay-in (ketosis). Yup, even at McDonald’s…we’ve got your back.


Sorry… no rice, beans, corn, or tortilla this time. Get a salad bowl, go heavy on the cheese, sour cream, and guacamole (or else be that guy who brings in an avocado). Go very light on the salsa (hottest is safest) and select a fattier meat (steak or pork).


Try a spinach salad instead of a sandwich. Load up on all the vegetables your bowl can handle, but go easy on the tomatoes (it’s technically a fruit and definitely has sugar). Mayo, olive oil, vinegar, Buffalo Sauce, and mustard are your safest condiments… beware of the Honey Mustard and Sweet Onion sauce! Subway also has a thorough macro-breakdown which you can DOWNLOAD HERE.


Mr. John himself likely went Keto at one point, because his “Unwich” sandwich option substitutes bread for a lettuce wrap. The Vegetarian and Gourmet Veggie unwiches are safest in terms of carbs and protein, but don’t forget about the fats… get plenty of mayonnaise, avocados, and olive oil! Look to the Italian Night Club or the Ultimate Porker if you want some meat. Their notoriously large J.J. Gargantuan is doable, but you’ll need to cut the tomatoes and onions, plus compensate with extra fats. They even have a nutrition calculator online!


The not-so-secret “Protein Style” option at In-N-Out is a perfect way to bind stacks of fatty beef and cheese together in lettuce. No “Animal Style,” though… the only extra toppings you’re allowed are cheese slices and mustard. Most burger joints will have a comparable, lettuce-wrapped option if you ask. If you’re feeling particularly loose, order the “Flying Dutchman!” It’s literally just stacks of meat and cheese.


Should your hunger-tunnel ever end at the golden arches, fear not. Ask for exactly what you want and they’ll oblige: Two Round Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese. Beware… the sausage contains maltodextrin! (No wonder it’s so good.) Burgers without buns or ketchup. Even thinking about the secret sauce could take you out of Keto. It may appear a bit odd, getting this stripped-down dish served to you on a pancake tray, but your Keto remains intact.


This place is a minefield. Baristas by trade don’t specialize in niche meal plans like Keto, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the brewing of anything more intricate than straight coffee. Most of their syrups and mixers are loaded with sugar… even the “sugar-free vanilla” contains maltodextrin! If you need some flavor, stick with the sugar-free caramel specifically (or just learn to love the cold brew). Don’t be fooled by the “skinny” versions of a drink…it’s still not Keto!


If you happen to live in a no stop-light kind of town, more cows than people, and not a single chain restaurant you can turn to… feast away at the local grocery. Grab some salami slices and wrap up a few mozzarella sticks

Did we miss your favorite fast food place? For a full-service macro tracker on 30+ of the biggest chains in America, visit Check back next month for lots of on-the-go fat-hacks and safe meals bets for anywhere hunger takes you!

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