Midnight Mass

What to eat before bed, during the night, and when you wake up.

Midnight Mass

What you eat before, during and after you sleep can make your physique an overnight success. Bodybuilders need sleep to grow. The optimum amount is eight hours for most hard-training bodybuilders who want to continue adding muscle mass. During this time, you may not burn as many calories as you do at other times of day, but you nonetheless still burn calories. If you’re a typical trainer, you don’t get up to eat in the middle of the night. Your body turns to muscle mass for energy while you sleep, burning up the precious muscle you worked to acquire during the day. It’s a conundrum. Sleep means growth, but it also means the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy.

How your body responds to this lengthy fast is also an important part of the equation. Some bodybuilders can go for hours without eating with minimal negative impact on their physiques. Others, though, must eat every few hours if they want to keep the lean mass they’ve built. Hardgainers in particular may have a lot of difficulty holding on to muscle mass throughout the night if they don’t take precautions to protect it. This article will outline the basics of what to do before, during and after sleep to make the most of your muscle mass.



Your last large whole-food meal of the day should come about four hours before you sleep. This meal should include a large serving of protein — 40-60 grams (g), depending on your size and daily metabolic needs. Good choices are a large steak, a large piece of fish or a couple of chicken breasts. In addition, eat a large serving of vegetables or salad.

Keep carbohydrates on the low side, because your energy needs are lower than they are at other times of day. If you’re a dieting bodybuilder, avoid complex carbs at this time. If you grow or add bodyfat easily, eat no more than a small portion of complex carbs — half a yam, a half cup of white or brown rice or half a mediumsized baked potato. Hardgainers need more calories overall and can eat a regularsized portion of complex carbs with their last large meal of the day — a fullsized baked potato or yam, or a full cup of white or brown rice.


Have another small wholefood meal. All bodybuilders can take in 20-40 g of protein. Luncheon meat, a chicken breast, boiled eggs and cottage cheese are good sources of protein at this time. Hardgainers can also take in complex carbs, but should opt for smaller servings than at the last large meal. Recommended portions include a small baked potato, half a yam and a slice of whole-grain bread. Dieting bodybuilders or those who gain bodyfat easily should avoid carbs at this meal.


Sometime in the 30 minutes before you go to bed, take in 20-40 g of casein protein. Micellar is the best type of casein protein for this time period, because it stays with your body for up to seven hours, providing aminos so your body won’t use muscle mass for energy. Mix the casein with water or milk (or a combination of the two). You mayalso include a portion of fruit (a banana, half of a cantaloupe or honeydew melon, a large pear or a large apple) whether you are a hardgainer or a dieter. The fructose will help stock your liver glycogen, which will prevent you from going catabolic sooner during the night. If the concept of taking in carbs before crawling into bed makes you paranoid, just stick with a protein shake.


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