Fouad begins his prep for the 2012 FLEX Pro! Plus "Fouad's Lessons" video series!



October 11, 2011


I decided not to blog for a little while since the Olympia was going on and all of our focus was pointed at the biggest event in bodybuilding. I wanted to say congrats to our new champion Phil Heath, I can honestly say aside from Ronnie, one of the most impressive physiques I have ever seen in my life. The genetic gift he has been given of super round muscle bellies is not something you can build, its something that is given to you and he has done wonders with it.

It was sad to see Jay take second but he has been at the in the top two spots for the last eleven years so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him in the number one spot again next year. Congratulations to Kai for revealing the package we all knew he had and earning the top three spot, I believe he could have been second, but what do I know, the judges are the professionals. Lastly but definitely not least I wanted to say I thought Victor finally gave us a taste of what he is capable of. I think the he looked awesome on the Saturday night and even better in India a week later. I’m excited as a fan because if Victor is on a roll of re-creating his image he could shake up the whole line up and upset some people that may have had different plans.

Anyway, on to me. Life has been crazy this year; it has been a really trying offseason with lots of ups and downs. That being said, I do believe I have increase the roundness of my arms and my shoulders, which should help balance out my physique more than last year. This last month or so has been a whirlwind of things to take care of and new ways of life. As you know I got engaged about a month ago and since then I have looked at every color under the rainbow in floral patterns and dresses. Guys - if your engaged or married you know what I mean. Someone told me a while back to just nod and say ‘yes hunny that looks great’ and that’s exactly what I have been doing and it works like a charm. Just playin’, it has been a lot of fun trying to figure things out and plan the wedding.

Along with that endeavor I have my own show that I am promoted last weekend and this last month has been me running around nuts. You know when you leave the house and you feel like you forgot something? That is how I felt everyday! But I can say that came together really well and I’m proud to say I did all the graphic design on the flyers, show programs and web design. I guess I realized I had some talents I didn’t know about. While I’m on that my new ‘SACRIFICE’ posters are now available at my website. For those of you who understand the sacrifices of a bodybuilder it could be something nice to hang on the back of your door or in your home gym.

The point of all this is, with all of these new things going on in my life bodybuilding has taken somewhat of a backseat. You never really know how much you love something until it’s gone; I know it’s a cliché but its true. Now that my show is over there will be no more distractions. I am planning my attack on the FLEX Pro the ASC and possible another small show later in the year. I miss the days when nothing mattered except what my next meal was and what body part I was going to smash that night. Well I’m putting everything on the backburner and going right back to that place. Nothing but me, the kitchen, the gym, and the grocery store, one big happy family.

As a bonus this week I’ve decided to start my own instructional video series on some of the basic movements I see being done wrong all the time. The first installment is T-Bar rows. Give it a watch and next time your in the gym feel your back burn the right way!

Sacrifice Without Regret,
Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad