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Chontel Duncan's Post-baby Body and Attitude Will Inspire You

The fitness model is slowly easing back into her fitness routine, and she's fine with that.

Chontel Duncan 4.5 Weeks Post Pregnancy
chontelduncan / Instagram

At this point, you've probably heard of Chontel Duncan, the Australian mom and fitness blogger who went viral a few times for the visible abs she sported throughout her first and second pregnancies. While support and positivity typically flood her social feeds, she's had to brush off quite a few haters who tried to shame her for staying so fit while she was expecting. Which, studies have shown, is actually a good thing.

Now, she's wowing us once more with this photo, taken just over four weeks postpartum:

4.5 weeks postpartum #babynumber2 I’m on my 3rd week of the @hiit_australia transformation program. Currently only able to do the nutrition component, I have been granted permission from my doctor to do light cardio but between juggling a new home, new born, toddler, running a business and my socials it’s proving to be a tad difficult. Mainly because when I want to hit the streets with the pram it’s RAINING and Swayde isn’t immunised yet so I have to try avoid large crowds (aka my gym) until he has had his injections. For now it’s vacuuming, steam moping, picking up toys, endless trips up and down my stairs, picking up the bebes & making the bed that will be my cardio big shout out to my number 1 @sam_hiitaustralia for designing me the sickest meal plan, (I’m a little spoilt I have him on tap for questions and to go food shopping with) but also for keeping the business pumping, for supporting the family and for being one of the hardest working people I know. Life is currently so different for us but you always make it work.

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The most inspiring part isn't even the photo itself, but her caption. You may see the photo and expect to read about the workouts she's already been crushing since her son was born on September 20, but that's not the case. Duncan writes that while she has gotten the OK from her doctor to do light cardio and is already on a transformation program, it's nutrition-focused so far. She joked that her "workouts" include "vacuuming, steam mopping, picking up toys, endless trips up and down my stairs, picking up the bebes, and making the bed." 

She admits that she's lucky to have her husband around for support, since he designed the program (and is the director of HIIT Australia), but it's refreshing to see that she's taking it slow postpartum the way that any average person would. Because even insanely fit models are, in fact, normal people. 

She also preemptively told mommy shamers to buzz off with this super-real post:

I’ll catch the trolls before they give me their two cents because I didn’t push my baby out which was (mind you) out of my control. There’s nothing easy about a cesarean either....the tugging, the pushing, the sounds, the smells, the feeling of no control, the fear of something going wrong, the recovery it all terrifies me. But I would do it all again in a heart beat... The top photo captures me at my weakest point and my husband incredibly helpless, the middle photo captures the sound of Swayde’s cry & visual of his privates and bottom photo captured the most incredible feeling of all, two parents falling in love at first sight. No matter how we birth or how our babies come into our lives we all experience fear, excitement and fall in love. Natural, caesarean, surrogate, adoption what ever the situation we all go through the journey in some way shape or form & we all should be dam proud of ourselves. @sam_hiitaustralia

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Her reminder that childbirth isn't easy for anyone no matter how it happens took out the trolls before they even had the chance to jump on her. She and her children are happy and healthy, which is really all that matters.

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