If you haven’t heard of Chontel Duncan before, it’s more than likely that you’ve at least seen her Instagram. More specifically, her insanely toned pregnancy body

During her first pregnancy, the fitness model and personal trainer posted a photo of her baby belly in her second trimester—and looked like one of the fittest women in the gym, despite being more than five months pregnant.

Most recently, the Instagram superstar gave birth to her second child, and her post-pregnancy body (just like her pre-pregnancy photos) is incredible.

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Duncan took the jaw-dropping shot, in which you can see the outline of abs, just one week after delivering her new baby boy—and the results are so unbelievable that she even had to ask her followers to refrain from posting negative comments. 

“Now before anyone jumps down my throat saying anything negative think before you type,” she wrote. “[E]veryone is unique and different in their own special way.”

Duncan also wrote that in the next week (that’s two weeks total after giving birth), she’ll embark on an eight-week transformation program that’ll focus heavily on nutrition. And if you’re trying to build your own post-pregnancy six-pack, check out our guide on how to get abs after having a baby.

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