Peak Form
It helps having a training plan for the summer and a different one for in season. I train harder during the off-season, but there’s always a balance between giving my body a break from the previous season and getting in shape for the upcoming one. I also work on my overall game, and I continue to work at it once the season starts up again.

Mental Strength

I feel that motivation comes from within. You really have to want it bad and push yourself. My expectation is to always go up to that next level. That’s true in my training, as well: My main motivation in the gym is my ongoing drive to do better on the court. That becomes my focus and allows me to improve my agility and to stay in shape.

Training Beats

On my playlist are things that keep me going during my workout, like some songs from Jay Z and Kanye West. They never get old. But I also have other varieties, from R&B to country to pop and rock.

Pushing My Limits

I think every workout I get myself into is pretty intense. I always push myself harder than the day before. Like the old saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” My peeve is not pushing yourself hard enough and taking the easy way out. That’s no way to improve your game.

Playing for a Purpose 

I founded Wade’s World Foundation (WWF) because as a predominant player in the NBA I wanted to use my name and time to give back. WWF provides support to various educational, health, and family service programs. The foundation’s motto is, “Every child deserves a shot,” so my goal is to do just that, give them a chance to be the best they can be and help them build for the future.

Sharp-Dressed Man

Fashion and style are my passions. They’re my means of expression. I like to showcase my personality with my wardrobe through different textures and colors. My love for fashion has even inspired one of my foundation’s events, A Night on the RunWade, where charity meets fashion.