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Kate Upton Blasts Out Offset Lunges in Her Lastest Workout

This "Sports Illustrated" model is debunking rumors that all models do is just lie on the beach and look pretty.

Kate Upton Performing Lunges In a Gym
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The three-time Sports Illustrated model has landed covers on magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, and countless more due to stunning looks combined with her extremely curvaceous, yet fit, body. 

Upton recently spent some time with celebrity trainer Ben Bruno who has also trained actors Jim Parsons and Matt Gorry, and fellow model Nadine Leopld, to name a few. 

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The exercise of choice today was an offset deficit reverse lunge into a single-leg Romanian deadlift with a kettlebell. If you're looking for a move that targets both your glutes and legs in a single move, this is the one you should consider adding to your routine. 

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A few weeks ago she also nailed a set of slide-through lunges. This variation also focuses on your hips as well, but gives more attention to your hips by not returning to the starting position of the exercise. 

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Being a supermodel clearly isn’t all fun and games, and requires a pretty steady amount of work to obtain their goddess-like bodies.