You’ve never seen Jim Parsons like this.

Best known for his role on the hit series The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper, America’s snarky, nerdy, Bazinga!-shouting theoretical physicist, you might not expect Parsons to be someone who hits the gym—but the actor’s a true workout fiend with admirable dedication to keeping himself in shape.

Parsons got together with trainer Ben Bruno—who has trained supermodel Kate Upton, television host Chelsea Handler, actor Matt McGorry, and model Nadine Leopold—to crush some one-armed sled rows.

That wasn’t the first time that Parsons blew up social media with one of his workouts.

The Hidden Figures actor pushed some major weight last December:

And here’s Parsons doing sled rows on a 425-pound sled:

Sure, the Emmy winner may not look like your typical gym rat—but that doesn’t mean Parsons can’t add some major size to your physique.

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